Martha Calls Guest an Apologist

Martha Maccallum: We’ve been hearing on a number of fronts that the government has lousy systems, that the computer systems don’t work. And I remember hearing it after 9/11 the FBI said well you know one of our problems is we have computers from the 70’s. They don’t talk to each other, we can’t communicate, we can’t share information. And then we hear the IRS has a terrible computer system, it loses information. Now you’ve got this brand new system that was developed and I think that you put all those things together you’ve got defense, healthcare and the IRS. And we’re being told that all 3 fronts the government simply can’t handle the technology.

Speaker 2: Well its they can’t handle technology. There’s a lot of information going in, a lot of information coming out, but the most part it works.

Speaker 1: Where does it work Bob?

Speaker 2: Well it works in the IRS, it works fine.

Speaker 1: No I doesn’t work in the IRS.

Speaker 2: Why?

Speaker 1: The IRS just told us that they can’t even keep track of their own emails for God’s sake.

Speaker 2: You take something the size of what the IRS has to put through every year, hundreds of millions of pieces of data and there is going to be some breakdowns. Yes they could use some better technology, so could Obama Care. It will work.

Speaker 1: You are an apologist, do you hear yourself. You are apologizing for him. We’re the greatest nation in the world and we’re just supposed to go oh stuff happens it’s not really a problem?

Speaker 2: Obama Care is working just fine.

Speaker 1: Well, Rich is it working just fine?

Speaker 3: Well what the government is good at is cutting peoples checks. That’s it. If they think more complicated to give people a tax credit to buy their own health insurance and you don’t need to create this bureaucratic monstrosity. We’d probably cover more people.

Speaker 2: Well we know that that’s just ridiculous.

Speaker 3: Why is it ridiculous?

Speaker 1: What I don’t understand from your side Bob is why don’t you demand? Why don’t you demand that it work? Why don’t you say look you know what, this is an embarrassment. We created this system it’s something that democrats feel passionately about and don’t stand for it.

Speaker 2: Well we do ******(1:43) it gets better, but I don’t think the capitalist system works very well. So there you go. I mean I think that is full of holes.

Speaker 1: We’ll just throw our hands up on both sides, the government doesn’t work capitalism doesn’t work.

Speaker 2: You’re talking about a country that has 315 million people.

Speaker 1: So you’re saying it’s hard?

Speaker 2: It does take a lot of technology, a lot of work. You’re going to turn it over the free market which has proven to be a total embarrassment when it comes to dealing with peoples savings and other things. Where none of them went to jail, they should have by the way. They put us through the greatest recession of the world the government ******(2:12)

Speaker 1: *****(2:12) seems to know what they’re doing.

Speaker 3: Without the capitalist system we’d all be sitting on dung heaps poor as dirt on a dollar a day. The capitalist system is the greatest wonder in the world. It has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty just the last few decades.

Speaker 2: That’s exactly as Winston Churchill said next to everything else capitalist democracy ******(2:34). It certainly didn’t prove to be the best system when it put us in the great recession.

Speaker 3: Well everything, it’s a fallen world everything’s flawed but it’s better for the government.

Speaker 2: That’s right.

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