Martha Discusses Equal Pay For Women

America’s addressing congress last night in what congress can do and what policies can be changed, what policies can be changed to give equality in the workplace which does not exist. We here in many cases in a mad men world in terms of how women are treated.

That’s just not true. Women make more than men if you adjust the time they take off for child bearing. That’s a fact. It’s not one right wingers opinion.

Your, the republican party is not doing much to attract more women voters. The bottom line is…

Who cares about the republican party? How about reality?

You’re not, you always say that Tucker but you are, you do support republicans.

You’ve got to be kidding. I actually think…

You support the republican party. Don’t tell me you don’t.

I think the republican pandering to women is nauseating. Why don’t you tell the truth?

Well good I’m glad to hear you say that.


Can I say something? Hey guys, whoa. I think, you know, when you take a look at this I think most women do not want to be treated as sort of a special class of citizen.


They want to go to work every day, they want to get paid for being a professional, for doing their job really well and they don’t want to be treated like some group of people who have to be given, you know, this little special handout just to make sure that they’re okay.

Right. It’s not special handouts it’s equality. It’s equal pay for equal work. It’s having maternity leave, it’s having pregnancy leave.

Many women get paid exactly, you know, exactly what they’re worth Alan and I think there’s a lot of…

Exactly what they’re worth? Are they not worth the same amount of money for the same job as men.

No I’m saying they’re worth a heck of a lot.

Women make more than men if you adjust for the time they take off voluntarily. Like that’s not, that’s a fact. How can you explain that?

Well it’s not voluntary. It’s women get pregnant and men don’t. It’s not voluntary.

Oh this is very interesting. Guys, Tucker thank you very much.

Thank you.

I appreciate it.

Alan, thank you very much.


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